Pitch Wars Team Interviews: Robin Fritz and mentor Leonie Kelsall

And next, we have 2017 Pitch Wars Mentee:

Robin Fritz – Mentee



Leonie Kelsall – Mentor

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Robin, why did you choose to submit to Leonie?

I loved that in her “other life” Leonie Kelsall is a professional counselor, and I plan to mine her education and experience for nuggets of living, breathing, writing gold. My manuscript is a romantic comedy, but my main character is dealing with some of the harsher realities of life *insert cheating husband here*. I want my portrayal to be funny, uplifting, bright and sunshiny, but I also want it to feel real, not superficial. I know Lee will help me maintain that sweet balance between humor, romance, sex and life that will help readers relate to, root for, and cheer on my main character, Ro Andrews. Also, I need to add more sizzle and burn, and who better than a fun Aussie author like Lee to help throw a little heat on the old barbie, right? Plus, now I’m a part of #TeamFineWine so enough said. *pulls cork*….*pours a glass*….*pours another glass*….

Leonie, why did you choose Robin?

Robin’s book is laugh-out-loud funny, yet also tells a fantastic story with surprise twists there’s no way the reader could anticipate. I believe humor and story can be incredibly hard to marry together successfully, yet Robin certainly achieves!

Robin, summarize your book in 3 words.

Funny shit happens.

Leonie, summarize Robin’s book in 3 words.

Hilarious and heart-breaking.

Robin, tell us about yourself! What makes you and your MS unique?

If Erma Bombeck, David Sedaris and Dave Barry had a torrid three-way affair, the resulting love child would be my manuscript. At least, that’s what I’m going for. And my apologies for the mental image you’re now grappling with. But my personal belief is that, while humor won’t heal all wounds, it sure does get you invited to a lot more parties. And no one likes a whiner.

I majored in journalism decades ago, and have worked as a journalist, speech writer, and freelancer, but primarily for the last 24 years I’ve worked as a full-time financial writer for an investment consulting firm. I’m also adjunct faculty for Indiana University, teaching writing classes at one of its satellite campuses, and I was a contributing editor for a cookbook published in 2015 by HNE Media, The Hoosier Harvest Cookbook, so come see me if you’re into pumpkin fritters and beer bread.

In short, I have decades of non-fiction writing experience (with the exception of my years as a political speech writer, of course ;). My manuscript, Some Assemble Required, is my first full-on foray into fiction. And I’m LOVING the road trip this has become. Pitch Wars is my Route 66, and everyone’s invited to join me on the ride – sexy hitchhikers too…. 😉

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to hop. My edit letter is calling and the MS won’t revise itself. …*tosses glass*…..*tips wine bottle*….

Leonie, tell us about yourself. Something we may not already know.

Unable to source cows and magic beans, I traded my kids for a menagerie of rabbits, cats, chickens and fish. Well, not exactly, but it’s a long story…




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