Send My Big Butt Up A Mountain!

Backpacker Magazine is sponsoring a hike and climb up Mount Whitney and they’re organizing teams now.  They’ve opened up the selection process to readers and, naturally, I want to go.  One, it’s for charity.  And two, I love a good adventure.  And, three they are shamelessly open to social media pandering which is where you come in, fair readers.

Mount Whitney

I want to go.  I want to go so bad I’ve been practicing peeing in the yard in a snowsuit with a backpack on.  Trust me, it ain’t easy.  Especially since we’re averaging 90+ degree days in the shade.

But nothing worth doing is easy and I’m a long shot by far, so if you want to see and hear about me hauling my heavy hiney up the highest mountain in the lower 48, hit up the comment section and tell them why oh why they need me by their side, partly because I’ll make ’em look good.  The following is my entry. 

Breathtaking views, provided I’m still breathing….

Comment away, my trusty friends, comment away.

Backpacker Magazine Entry:

I live in Indiana.  The only jagged peaks I see on a daily basis are the towering stacks of my beloved Backpacker magazine I cuddle at night along with my precious, but now defunct, National Geographic Adventure magazines which I probably fondle a bit more than my husband.  

And here’s the other thing – in terms of the “wow” factor, my backpacking trip experience will pale in comparison to most of those who will enter.  And I’m probably not your typical target market.  I stand five foot tall, live amongst the Amish, telecommute from a desk job, am the middle-aged mother of two teenagers, and own more pairs of relaxed fit jeans than I care to admit.

Wait!  Don’t delete me yet!!!  Whew – that was close!  Ok, so why, you ask, should you consider me?

Don’t worry… I know where he lives…

Well, for starters, I am the poster child for every adventurous tomboy who finds herself stuck in the body of a responsible working mother.  We’re out there by the millions, picking up socks, fixing suppers, and puzzling over the giant holes in our husbands’ tidy whities.  Meanwhile, inside of us beat the hearts of our younger, freer, adventurous selves who now all too often only get to come out to play on the occasional weekend.  After the kiddies’ soccer practice, that is.

That can be tough to swallow because my dream is to hike, hike, hike – the AT, the PCT, anywhere – but while my present responsibilities keep me grounded in Indiana for the better part of the year, I AM out there, rain, shine or snow, on a daily basis with my 20-pound Sierra Club day pack on my back.  Granted, me hiking Hoosier hills with a 20-pound pack is not “scaling-Mt.-Whitney sexy,” but what I lack in exotic scenery, I make up for in shear miles.  And I’ve loved every corn-covered inch of it.

It’s no Mt. Whitney, but at least I did it!

Also, I work out daily, and I’m strong as an ox even if my muscles are covered with an extra layer of chub to keep me warm.  I ride bikes, I jog, I hike, I kayak, I camp, you name it – if it’s done outdoors, I want to do it.  As a farm kid born and raised, I’m no princess – I turned in my tiara for trekking poles decades ago.  Also, while I’m not fast, (I clearly won’t be the first one to the top), I’ll be the little-engine-that-could plugging away non-stop with my tree-trunk thighs of steel.  And, I’ll be smiling and laughing all the way because that’s my approach to life – live it, love it, laugh it off. 

So while my daily circumstances may be normal, my approach to life isn’t.  I don’t sit back watching the kiddies try all of the fun activities like so many other Hoosier mothers.  I climb the rock wall.  I ride the mechanical bull.  I scale the towering sand dune. I play in the waves.  And I want to hike to and conquer Mt.Whitney. 

See! This blog post DOES make my butt look big!

For more information on the Mount Whitney climb and the charity Big City Mountaineers, check out this link to Backpacker Magazine.  And tell ’em I sent you!

Robin “Thighs of Steel” Fritz

Me ready for an adventure

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Margaret L. Scott
    Aug 30, 2012 @ 20:09:05

    Please, please, please…consider this crazy, middle aged woman so that those of us in Indiana can live vicariously through her sense of adventure…plus she is just damn funny and her posts will be awesome!

  2. Lisa Taylor
    Aug 30, 2012 @ 22:18:27

    She REALLY needs the fresh air and a really good workout! Something’s just not right “up there” and I mean that in the best of ways. We’ve worked on it all of our lives…it’s someone else’s turn! Robin is one of the most “go get ’em” girls I’ve ever known…..she is more than worth experiencing!!! You will, no doubt, wish you had selected others just like her!

  3. Steve Gardner
    Sep 02, 2012 @ 19:42:57

    After a long day as you sit by the campfire you will find this girl creating a cobbler from the edible berries near the campsite. She will share a story or two that will leave you breathtaken and then in the morning you will find her drawing a picture of the campsite with coffee already on a burning campfire. This is what our downtime looks like when we travel with Robin. It is always an adventure within an adventure!

  4. Does This Blog Post Make My Butt Look Big?
    Sep 06, 2012 @ 16:16:39

    I love it, Steve! You make me sound like Martha Stewart’s and Bear Grylls’ love child…. but in a “good” way. 🙂

  5. Does This Blog Post Make My Butt Look Big?
    Sep 06, 2012 @ 16:18:04

    Maggie and Lisa – you to ROCK! Thanks, doll babes! Sending hugs your way!

  6. Pam Sundman
    Sep 10, 2012 @ 15:59:52

    I agree with Maggie…..PLEASE pick Robin so we can live vicariously through her!!! She definitely has an adventurous side most of us only dream of (and wake up in the middle of the night with leg cramps we get from our dream adventures!) I would love to “see” Robin able to make this trek!!!!

  7. Mark Sundman
    Sep 10, 2012 @ 23:54:48

    Of all the “Adventurous Gals ” I know ( and I know one or two ) I would have to say Robin would be my pick for an adventure such as this. She is truly an outgoing gal in everything she puts her mind to and she is a hoot to listen to with her stories. Robin I expect some of that berry cobbler when you get back ! =o) Ya’ll are CRAZY if you don’t pick Robin to take on your expedition !!!

  8. Does This Blog Post Make My Butt Look Big?
    Sep 12, 2012 @ 09:07:32

    Thanks Mark! I’ll save you a piece of cobbler, lol. 🙂

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