Views From My Garden Life

Some days, it’s best not to write, but to look.  I spend a lot of time looking. 

Eden climbing roses

As I look through my gardens and walk through the fields and stroll the gravel paths, these are some of the lovely things I’m treated to.  Every day is different, whether it be a newly formed cloud, a newly opened bud, a newly sprouted weed, a newly ripened grape.  So many treasures, so little time. 

Surrounded by so much beauty, I try to capture it on canvas, but my efforts always fall short.  How can I possibly attain such colors, such rampant beauty that only God and Mother Nature combined can create?  Where to begin?  How to begin?  H’mmm… maybe the answer is to not begin at all.  I think I’ll just stand here and look.

Queen Anne's Lace growing by the roadside.

After I put my children on the bus, I have a good hour before I need to sit down at my desk and work.  Where I use to spend that hour driving  to work, I now telecommute, so that hour in the morning and that hour in the

The commute to the home office

evening are mine, all mine.  If I’m not out riding my bike, I walk, walk, walk.  At lunch time, I do the same.  And after dinner, more walks, more rides, more strolls.  Many of the pictures are from those blessed hours. 

Life is too short.  Enjoy.

The garden shed

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