A Winter Poem for an Ice Bound Day


It’s a serious business, this thing called winter.

A time for reflecting on goals not met

And dreams not realized.

A time for planning redemption,

The reclamation of what should have been

Or could have been but for lack of effort and will.


And though we wish to start anew

And make it right, we falter,

Haltingly at first, then with dread

Frozen in our too often tread tracks,

For we know, we have always known

That the way will not be easy


For winter comes not on soft feet

Like broken in slippers,

As some would have us think,

But, rather, in hard heeled loafers,

Unforgiving and tight.


She comes in serious and determined

Ready to show us our weaknesses,

Pointing out where we went wrong

And got off track, knowing that

All too soon we’ll go astray again


And so winter blows in, sweeping around us

Like downy flakes of snow.

And though she may point out the path to us

Our feet want not to go.


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