Random Thoughts to Make You Think….


Here are some random thoughts to get you through the day.  Enjoy!


          If your child isn’t potty trained, don’t take him to White Castle.  Ever.


          Whoever said a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work obviously was never a lifeguard.


          Hugging a tree is good. Hugging a tree with poison ivy is bad.  Very bad.


          Your child won’t remember that you told her to pick up her clothes, but she will remember that you said Aunt Hazel needs to drop fifty pounds.


          If you must kiss the cute squirming little puppy in your lap, expect some tongue.


          Whoever said it’s not the destination, it’s the journey never owned a Pinto.  Or a Gremlin.  Or a Yugo, for that matter.


          Good friends are hard to find, but great dogs are everywhere.


          Never look at your bottom in the mirror after sitting on the toilet for more than ten minutes.  Trust me on this one.


          The sound of a child vomiting is strong enough to propel a full-grown man to the nearest bowling alley.


          If a man can rebuild a truck engine from scratch, why can’t he curl a seven-year-old girl’s hair with a curling iron?


          If, after 25 hours of labor, a woman can force a screaming, heaving eight pound bundle of joy into the world, why can’t she change a tire?


          When things get stale, why do hard things get soft and soft things get hard?  If hard things got harder and soft things got softer, wouldn’t we all be a lot better off?


Hope you like!


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